Canadian concert pianist Janette Wolff has performed as a piano soloist as well as in duo with opera singers and with musical ensembles throughout Canada and in the United States.

Ms Wolff obtained her performer associate diploma ARCT with first class honors from the Royal Conservatory of Music. She then completed a Bachelor of Music degree and a Masters degree with a major in piano performance from Université de Montréal under the direction of Gilles Manny.

During these studies, Ms Wolff was acknowledged for her academic and artistic achievements with numerous scholarships from her native province, British Columbia.

Following her university studies, Janette Wolff studied in Paris with esteemed pianist and internationally renowned piano pedagogue, Monique Deschaussées.


Since 2001, Ms Wolff is an artist associate in Concordia University’s Leonardo Project. The project is a long-term collaboration between a team of research scientists, musicians, performance analysts and world class performing artists who study the nature of performance creativity. Janette is engaged in collaboration with its Artistic Director, Professor Philip Cohen, to further her development as a concert pianist.

Inside her passion for the music of Sergei Rachmaninoff, she has launched a long-term project for the study and performance of solo piano works of this Russian composer from the late-Romantic period. With the addition of dance, costumes, lighting and scenic effects, her multidisciplinary creation allows the depth and emotions of this music to be experienced in a new way, creating a unique artistic experience.

« You are a truly devoted and inspiring artist. You have the verve and gusto to bring your project to life, while constantly bringing in creativity and ingenuity from a multitude of disciplines. The scene of butterflies emerging from ‘nowhere’ as Paula in her beautiful costume (designed and made by Janette) dancing to Rachmaninov’s music has left an indelible impression in my mind. Your musical interpretations are imbued with musical sensitivity yet always well balanced with a degree of intellect, while having a very special touch that is uniquely your own. » DR. ANGELA CHAN, concert pianist, pédagogue and founder of Lambda Music and Fine Arts School.